Final Illustration Project

Final Illustration Project

I chose to do a visual poem, I feel like I am a “visual” person and I prefer to look at visual illustrations to prove a point, or to understand or learn something better.  I used different pictures from the internet and put them into a “frame” of what the poem’s main theme is, hockey.

The outline I used is a hockey puck in front of two hockey sticks, but it kind of looks like a smiley face too, which could go with theme that “hockey is life.”   Obviously hockey is not life (metaphor), but it means as much to me as life does to some other people.  I write this poem as a “hockey player,” but others could say it was written by a hockey coach and meant for his players to teach them about life.

Hockey has taught me so many valuable “life” lessons.  I have been playing since I was 4 years old and I still play.  The guys I played with years ago are still my friends and we still play together to this day.  Hockey has taught me the power of teamwork, not letting your teammate down, being there in a time of need, not just on the hockey floor, but in life too.  I have been traveling around playing hockey with some of the same families for 19 years and we have become very close, almost like our own little “hockey family.”  We look out for each other when we travel and make sure everyone is safe and gets to where they need to be on time.  Hockey has also taught me perseverance, to never give up, there is always another game, just as there is always another “milestone in life” to be explored.  If you lose one game (fail at something in life), you pick yourself up and keep going, hoping the next time will be different.  #vizpoem

Visual Poem


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