Visual Poetry/Persona

When I view visual poetry, I personally feel like it is harder to interpret persona.  Authors seem to be able to portray their persona better in lyric poetry because there are more words that can convey more meanings than in visual poetry.  With visual poetry, sometimes there are just images or letters, sometimes repeating, that make it harder to figure out who or what the poem is about or who is the “speaker.”  But then again, due to the order of the words or letters in a visual poem, sometimes it is not too hard to figure out who the speaker is and what they are trying to convey.  As McAllister stated, “all poetry is visual.”  I agree with that too because in a lyric poem when you have a line that “ends” in order to emphasize something (enjambment), you have to really focus on the “order” of the words to get the best meaning, just like in visual poetry, you have to really look deep into the order and shape of the words/letters to understand the meaning, and then to understand the persona being portrayed.

The Poem “The Creation of Eve” emphasized certain words, and their relation or evolution to each other.  The word “adam” seems to run into “eva” which could signify that Eve was made from Adam, which in the book Genesis, that’s what happened.  The way the letters are arranged, disappearing and flowing into each other, and the placement of the actual letters, gives the reader the feeling of a “biblical” meaning. #vizpoem


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