Visual Poetry/Visual Art

When I look at a visual poem, I can come to several different conclusions of its meaning and the persona. A visual poem which is made up of different letters, arranged in specific patterns and shapes, can convey one meaning to me but a different meaning to someone else. We can all draw different conclusions too about the persona of the poem, who is the speaker, what is thepoem about, what is the author trying to convey, it is about himself?  Someone may see a specific pattern or shape but someone else may not.

With visual art, everyone sees the same shapes and figures and can still take their own meaning from it, but there are limitations. For example, if there is a man in the painting, we all see man, but we may “view” him in different ways (sad, busy, content). Physical shapes (people, animals, landscapes) are seen as the same by  most people, but we can interpret their meaning in different ways. #vizpoem


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