The Red Wheelbarrow Image (Revised)

#vizpoem  My post with the image of a Red Wheelbarrow was just that, an image of a red wheel barrow.  Even though the poem talked about “so much depends” on the red wheel barrow, and tried to glamorize it, the image I got from the poem was an actual red wheel barrow on a farm.

Ryan Cooper’s image of “As the Cat” was right on, the poem described a mischievous cat who climbs on door jambs and potentially creates chaos when his actions break things.  His picture conveyed the image I envision when I read the poem.

In Jingchun Ma’s post on the poem “I Heard a fly buzz, when I died” about pastoral and sublime imagery, she showed a picture of a wine glass breaking and pieces of glass shooting out from it.  The poem talks about the peacefulness of death This gives me the image of a calm, peaceful death then interrupted by the buzzing of a fly, showing that “terror and “ecstasy” can exist together, like pastoral sublime.

Caitlin Brockwell’s post about the poem “The Owl and the Pussycat” showed an image of two animals dressed up in clothes like humans wear, showing the distinction between animals (inhumans) and humans — personification.  I think is kind of like animated movies showing inanimate (animals) interacting and doing human things.


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