Not Waving but Drowning Gloss (Edited)

Metaphors — in the poem Not Waving but Drowning, the following lines appear to mean one thing, but actually mean sometthing different:

“I was much further out than you thought   And not waving but drowning”

At first glance, you would think this was someone that swam out too far in a body of water and was waving his arms in the hopes that someone would see him drowning and save him.  The actual meaning was that the person had let his problems take over his life and he just couldn’t take it anymore and he felt like he was drowning.

Link to the poem:

The image below depicts someone at their “wit’s end” meaning they feel like they are going crazy, they just don’t know what to do to make things better, kind of the like the person in the poem who was “waving” and trying to get someone’s attention beccause they just didn’t know what else to do.  #vizpoem #metaphor

Image result for at wits end

EDITED (6/3/15):

After reading Ryan Cooper’s blog post “Not Waving but Drowning” Gloss, he chose a different line of the poem to talk about metaphors – “Still the dead one lay moaning.”  I agree too that this is a metaphor because how can you still be moaning if you are dead.  His image of the movie SAW was good because it gave the impression that Jigsaw was dead but he really wasn’t.

I also read Jingchun Ma’s post about irony.  She was referring to “The Darkling Thrush” poem when she talks about the poem’s title.  When you read the title, most people would immediately think that this is a negative poem because of the word “darkling,” but the thrush is actually a very happy bird and has positive views of the world, which makes it ironic.

Malik Bowden’s post about ambiguity about the “We Real Cool” poem was good too.  Being “cool” is an ambiguous term because it can be interpreted many different ways.  In the poem, the kids think they are cool for skipping school but others would think they are just misbehaving.  Cool can have different meanings to different people.  #vizpoem #metaphor #irony #ambiguity


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