Poetry – Class Definition

Poety – Revisited

All of us have our own way of explaining what poetry means to us.  My definition of poetry is pretty  much the same as I stated before, it is a way of expressing how someone feels, or wants to feel, trying to form a “picture” in someone’s mind of what you are trying to say.

Like Ryan Cooper put it, “Poetry to me is a way of expressing thoughts, feelings, past, present, future experiences and dreams.”  I agree, when I read a poem, I try to put myself in the place of the writer to try and figure out where he is going with his “story.”  Everyone has their own interpretations of poems, and they are not always the same, which is what makes poems to interesting, they can mean to many different things.

Sarah Butler also said that “some poems may be more concerned with imagery and getting vivid visuals into the readers mind…”  Like I said before, a poem to me tries to get you to picture in your mind what the writer is trying to relay, whether it be a description of someone or some place, or even an idea or thought.

I still think poems are like a short story, trying to portray a certain feeling or thought through different ways of expression.  Some poems can be rhyming and some not, some can be explicit and confrontational, some can caring and beautiful, and some can just be confusing.  But all poems can be interpreted in many different ways by many different people. #vizpoem


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